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hello my beautiful city

I’ve missed you and the smell of city spring!
I am wearing too much clothes, girl on the tube is just wearing a t-shirt, it was snowing this morning in Sweden, I dressed myself for that.

a morning in London

The whole thing with walking to work started because I was completely broke, now I could afford taking the bus but its has become almost like a fix… I’m a walking junkie
Anywho, this is my view this morning in a foggy, misty West London

i moved to London exactly a year ago

it feels shorter…
and longer
it’s really been an interesting year
love where i am at the moment, really love it
have an awesome job, i’ve missed that
was thinking to write something nostalgic about the past year, but i am way too tired now.
Long and eventful day at work today! very eventful :)

anyway, here is a picture of me on the airport coach leaving Stockholm to move to London, a year ago today

damn, i lost those shades…

relaxing in the grass

had a great day with Luka “hippie” Lukasik
so fun that we are meeting up in London… life is so amazing.
Had quit a few great years in California… i am so glad i met u, u crazy fuck.

im just a small town girl living in a lonely world

i am a city girl living in a wonderful world
i adore the countryside more than anything and this has been more than great for me.
But i do miss London, i miss my friends and the red buses…
Despite everything weird that is going on in my life i believe life is gonna be great, positive thinking you know… (and some of you know that exactly that, is my motto)
what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
cliche? i know but it’ a cliche for a reason…
one more week and i’ll be back in London with new energy and strength, i am hungry and ready for challenges!!!
Can’t wait to create and hang out with Mia, and explore everything with my Bonkes
Funny how one can travel the world and meet so many people and find 3 Swedish girls in London and feel instant connection and powerful friendship…
London, are you ready for me????

spent some time in terminal studios

shooting with Mia

great time and as i mentioned before, that girl can really sing… i can’t wait to show you guys what we are doing… not yet though.
But I am really excited about this project.

sometimes i realize

“I live here”
The other day when I was waiting for my bus i was looking down Regent street and fuck me, London is beautiful, and i live here!!!

it is a gorgeous city

drinking my last cup of coffee

for this year…
on my way to work soon, picked up an extra shift, (we’re not gonna do something special tonight anyway, we’re waiting until tomorrow; new year, Curry’s birthday and we’ll have awesome visit from San Francisco.) so i am letting one of the younger kids have the day off…
This year has really been something, I lived in Sweden, Ireland and now London… been flying quit a lot.
really had the chance to spend quality time with my family and my best friend.
Im gonna write a 2010 resume, but i have to hop in the shower and get to work…
I’ll do it later but here is a video from the life in Ireland.
Love you guys and thank you for been amazing readers, it’s quit many of you, I do wonder who you are and why you are reading…
the commenting part is not your strongest side <3

i’ve been looking through the pictures of 2010… gonna pick a few and show you
overall it’s been amazing, and yes, next year is gonna be smashing!!!!