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R.I.P. my lovely Flip

17 months we did spend together…
you were always in my pocket or my purse,
you came with me drinking and dancing
travelled with me everywhere
you where my companion and partner in crime
and now you’re dead
i can’t turn you on
you don’t even respond to my mac book pro
my dear, dear Flip camera
I am going to miss you so much
how am i going to replace you?

I do need a new “pocket camcorder”… anyone tried the flip HD Slide?
what are you using?

my view

got milk?

i am having a great time here
super vacation
i feel very lucky to have this quality time to just hang out with my family, i can’t remember last time me, my brother and my mom had a chance to just be the three of us… must have been before i moved to California, five years ago…
i’m living the typical Swedish summer life right now, you know, living in a red cottage, cows around the corner, playing outside all the time and avoiding the rain.. that comes and goes and comes and goes…
I miss my Curry, but soon we’ll meet in London – can’t wait

If I were a painter And you were a lady, Would you marry me anyway?

Answer me babe, "Yes I would"

If I worked my hands in wood

water fun


this makes me wanna eat Ramen

good morning!!!