Monthly Archives: June 2010

coming through, coming through, lady with a baby. …

thanks to you all that voted for me and my niece, my sister in law and i went for some shopping with our gift cards we won

i did not get this

and she did not get this

but  i really really wanted that Robot…
it’s scary to walk around with a woman that is due any second, i had my brother on speed dial and was spotting cabs, just if we would have to go to the hospital…
no baby birth today, looking forward to see my little nephew, any day now… well about 2 weeks

hope to be able to convince Rickard to play Star Craft with me again, i’m kinda addicted now 🙂


pics from Junibacken

family and Astrid Lindgren time the day before yesterday
Alexandra had a great time and we were all exhausted afterwards, 3 adults on one kid…

the young Stenmark family...

we are ice princesses

my brother is selling hot dogs


2 white arms and one tanned

operation Mac Book Pro

Stenmark Siblings in action

now i'm nervous

working on it....

it survived - i'm so happy

hello world

the new beautiful Mac Book Pro is up and running
a new internal drive is installed and i am proud and happy
thank you to the best brother and mother in the world for the gadgets
and thank you Rickard and JoppE for the amazing assistance
I rock
and my Lap Top runs smooth as a… well smooth
had to celebrate with a glass of Jägermeister

the search for a T6

one little screwdriver was missing
me and Rickard was on the mission find that effing tool
i estimated an hour, it took us the whole day
how hard can it be to find the screwdriver without spending a fortune and/or buy a whole toolkit?
well i tell you this, it’s impossible
had some sightseeing in Stockholm… such a beautiful city
if you haven’t been here yet – you have to come and visit!!!

chip and dale are searching for the perfect tool

the fountain we would have had a swim in if we would win worldcup

operation mac book pro

my dear brother is on the way for operation mac book pro
i’ve been doing research, practicing in my sleep (that’s a lie, last night i dreamt about additional pylons)
but i have been biting my nails and reading step by step guides
this should be fine right?
just going to open and switch and….
do we need to dine the last supper, my lap top and I?

went for a nostalgic walk yesterday

felt like 15 again
so many memories
theres alot that have been said and analyzed in this neighbor hood

now i’m gonna go to Junibacken with the young Stenmark family