Monthly Archives: July 2010

our view…

…last night

London is beautiful


what do you think…

…should I apply for a job???


very happy but tired
drinking a cup of coffee at an internetcafe
hugging and kissing Curry
London is amazing

im glad i had an amazing time in Sweden with some of the best people in the world
Rickard, you are fucking amazing, thank u for everything!!!!

i’m such a ….?

i’m leaving for London in less than 24 hours, sure i’m doing some laundry
otherwise, i’m just sitting about and doing fuck all
me and Rickard are watching stuff on youtube and the plans for tonight is Starcraft2 release party with JoppE and Rickard!!!
coffee, red bull what else?
if i had a t shirt with a Colossus I would wear it



coffee with whipped cream and ice cream with whipped cream
and some cookies with that

happy Swede

i really really want this

i want it i want it i want it

it’s on my wish list
it’s my birthday soon… 🙂
just saying

is that a tiger in my bed?

or is she just happy to see me?

cozy super cute fat cat is taking over my bed
and i am going to sneeze
she is so pretty though