Monthly Archives: September 2010

Thank you

For all the kinds words
At the office now and getting ready for the shoot tonight!
Do I see you at Black Flag???



here is some information about tomorrow and the rest of October, I am looking forward to meet you guys

Sketch World TV

I can finally reveal to you what i am and have been doing…
I am working as the Executive producer for Sketch World TV.

Sketch World Tv is a London based online channel that is producing accessible content, mainly focusing on underground, multicultural upcoming talent and performing art i.e. music, film, comedy, cooking, dancing and fashion.
Sketch World TV, to be launched in early 2011.
“Our goal is simple; to deliver high quality content as well as providing a platform giving our handpicked artists exposure to viewers and industry professionals.
We are currently working together with the founder of Artful festival, covering the best of the festival starting this Thursday, so if you are in London, please visit the festival and come and say hi to us.

I am so happy!!

productive awesome day

see what’s around my neck… it’s something very cool, but still a secret…

I am sorry, Im such a teaser… oh well, soon im gonna share with you, believe me, i can’t wait.
Had a great day though and this week is going to be amazing!!

Sitting with a cup of green tea now and watching gadget show, gotta love that show.
Up Early tomorrow for tons of fun!

Train update

On the train on the way to the office, Been drinking green tea and coffe, need to stop feeling ill, do not have time to waste a minute sneezing.
Went through my emails and I am very excited about this week, I will probably be able to tell you something soon.
But I can tell you this; this week is gonna be busy and a lot of things need to be done!!!!!!!
Tons of love

got a little bug or something

in bed today just having a lazy sunday listening to the rain outside, and writing some things.
Boring, cold and my body hurts – nothing fun to tell you

lunch break