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happy halloween pt3

my “outfit” got fake nails and skeletons in the pound store

i left my plastic skeletons everywhere and gave them away to people

posing ? Curry is the photographer and not as crazy about having his picture taken as his girlfriend…

i love the dress, 5 pounds!!! perfect for my empty wallet…


happy halloween pt2

see out there

a rainy day in Kilburn – thoughts

2 of my last post was about SF, I miss it like hell somedays… it’s the world’s best city and I had an amazing life there… the best friends ever!
but now, I adore London, and it feels amazing to be a part of this city… (all i ask for is a place to live with a bigger kitchen and a private bathroom) sometimes i find myself sitting and smiling on the tube in the rush hours, when everyone else looks like they’re about to explode of stress, I’m just smiling and loving it.
now i’ gonna run out in the rain and do some errands


happy halloween

last year in SF

Last year I was at a Hooks gig with Tom Green and watching Keith DJ;ing… i was also planning my trip back home to Sweden, packing 4,5 years in to 2 bags and getting ready to say good bye to all my friends.
AAAAAAAA, I miss you!!!
anyways, here’s the Hooks from Halloween 09.

A bacon cheddar love story

I use to be highly addicted to these,

I ate them for breakfast, and always had a pack in my bag.
When I left home in the mornings i passed my store, got 2 packs of Tom’s bacon cheddar fries and one can of Arizona ice tea, took the bus to Revision 3, grabbed myself a cup of coffee or a Mountain Dew and sat down in the studio, opening my bag of breakfast, shoved the fries in my mouth while my studio co workers thought I was disgusting eating fries in the morning.

The reason I came to think about them (and crave them badly) was that a friend on facebook wrote about eating cheese puffs for dinner… and I ate my Bacon Cheddar Fries for dinner, lunch, breakfast, in between meals… as dessert…
If you are in the States, please go grab yourself a pack of bacon cheddar fries for me, they taste like heaven.

I did kinda OD on them after a while though, so my last year in San Francisco I did not eat them as much at all, but now… i can feel the taste, i miss that taste so much...
Hi, my name is Camilla Stenmark, I’m a bacon cheddar fries – junkie

yeah for Sainsbury’s

I got 4 pack of noodles, Spagetti, mince, black pepper, chopped tomatoes, 4 L lemonade and a pack of Digestive for 2 pounds 90
today’s dinner, Spaghetti Bolognese

how to make a super fancy Friday dinner for four pounds

GO, (meaning, please write ideas for me as a comment… )

i literately have  2 two pound coins, that’s gonna have to be enough for dinner for 2, i’m thinking cheap (obviously) but yet tasty…. help me!!!