Monthly Archives: November 2010

a master piece

wmm and we did some editing…
@stenmarklinda and @camillastenmark proudly present to you, “building Trofast”

i miss my mac and fcp… wmm is the worst editing software in the world


cold cold cold COLD

for all you snow lovers out there, have a look at this picture (stolen from Linda’s blog)
beautiful, sure… from the inside. I went down to throw some garbage and my nose froze… it’s seriously not fun.
And i did use bilions of layers of clothes. I hate it.
I am angry and cold right now, going back to London on Thursday but I’ve heard it’s cold as fuck there too.
I need to move to a warm, English speaking country, i wanna have my morning coffee on the balcony looking out on the ocean and palm trees (yes you put that picture in my head Katarina, and i am jealous)
i mean, isn’t this a better view?

I am currently googling Malta, pictures, jobs and apartments.
Curry, lets move there and live happily ever after… i wanna wake up to sunshine, put my tanned feet in a pair of flip flops, walk down to buy the paper, a baguette and a basket of fruits. Have an expresso at a local cafe where the owner knows my name.
I wanna stroll down the streets in a cute summer dress and kiss small toddlers on their head. My life is gonna be a fairy tale (or i quit being a monster) if i can live where i don’t freeze.

sooo, anyone lived, lives in Malta?
is it eays to get a job, a place to stay? give me information….
Im gonna eat sausage stroganoff and keep dreaming…
I’ll post a video later on 🙂 stop by

happy advent

i lit the first candle!!!!

we are getting ready to go out and get lost in the dark, cold snow… we’re gonna take the train that will probably get stuck somewhere on the way because it’s so freaking cold. did i mention that i don’t like snow?

and funny news, i convinced Linda to join twitter… please say hi to her if you have an account, she is a noob 🙂

going back to London

on Thursday, i finally booked my ticket, can’t wait to see my hubby!!! ❤
i wonder what the kids will say when auntie is gone, 3 weeks of play time
now we are gonna go ride ponies

yesterday i was a hairdresser

and me and Linda where hot as fuck
(this is actually our reaction of Joppe and Alexandra building IKEA furniture (or like i say, furnitures))

i am gonna teach Linda how to edit today… fun fun fun

drinking coffee and looking at the christmas decoration

Linda loves snow and christmas, their apartment is gorgeous right now, advent wreaths and moravian stars are giving cozy light to the cold dark mornings.
Alexandra slept in my bed tonight, she woke up and was sad, she took her pillow and cuddled in to me and this morning 2 big blue eyes was looking at me when i woke up by toddler talk (and the sound of a hysteric elephant)
i fixed the “editing problem”, thank you all for your sugestions and help, hopefully I’ll have something up for you to watch soon.
now more coffee and wrestling.

i broke my camera

after we did the snowangels and had a tiny snowball fight my camera died… i am so pissed, i’m gonna use Linda’s camera while i am here… but what about London? does anyone have a spare one they wanna send me?
today is the “taking care of the loved ones -day” me and Alexandra made breakfast for the family and let the parents have a sleep in.
we gonna play hair dressers, bake lussebullar and do some computer work. And I wanna go and make sure that my best friend Rickard is ok.
maybe bring him some buns
and yeah, toys r us in kungens kurva is a total disaster, what a disgusting (thanx Roz) store, i was so disapointed, how on earth can you sell dirty, broken toys? (read more here)
do not go there, the staff is incompetent and rude as well.

my nanny outfit 🙂