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my 2010

i was looking through my pictures from this year…. i wanted to show them all (well almost all) to you… couldn’t pick… so took a bunch of them and here.
it is.
my 2010 in pictures.


i played football with my niece

was visiting Sweden and went down to my mum with my brother and my niece and had a great week.
quality time with my family!!

i did shave my head this year

the video has almost 10 000 views…

the year my beautiful nephew was born

welcome to the world Kevin Stenmark
I am so glad i had the chance to be there when he was born,
me and Alexandra stayed home and waited for our little brothers to come home

drinking my last cup of coffee

for this year…
on my way to work soon, picked up an extra shift, (we’re not gonna do something special tonight anyway, we’re waiting until tomorrow; new year, Curry’s birthday and we’ll have awesome visit from San Francisco.) so i am letting one of the younger kids have the day off…
This year has really been something, I lived in Sweden, Ireland and now London… been flying quit a lot.
really had the chance to spend quality time with my family and my best friend.
Im gonna write a 2010 resume, but i have to hop in the shower and get to work…
I’ll do it later but here is a video from the life in Ireland.
Love you guys and thank you for been amazing readers, it’s quit many of you, I do wonder who you are and why you are reading…
the commenting part is not your strongest side ❤

i’ve been looking through the pictures of 2010… gonna pick a few and show you
overall it’s been amazing, and yes, next year is gonna be smashing!!!!

2011 – my year

thinking about new year’s resolutions, or new year’s plans rather
” It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes”
next year is gonna be my year
i think i deserve it

i’m rich

i knew i would get money
sooo much money, omg!!!

i love that if you google the email address you find this,
no, really????