Monthly Archives: January 2011

late snack dinner

my voice is getting raspy
think i need more onion rings


eating like a pig

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”
i have to live next to a pizza place, its necessary for my existence

no 4

playing some sc2 instead of doing shopping, i am too comfortable in my new cozy clothes
and i am a geek
might do the shopping on tuesday instead….

Only two types of people wear sunglasses indoors. Blind people and assholes

im not blind

we came too late to actually sing karaoke, but it was still time to drink
so drank we did and back we will come
(hangover yoda is typing)
i adore these girls, we had the greatest conversations; drunken, swedish, raw – girl conversations
got the best idea for nail design…
Another thing i adore is my new vest, three pounds at Primark…

this woman was cool as fuck, great whiskey voice

Work is the curse of the drinking classes…

had a great time out with the girls

i am having a nice little hangover and an awesome breakfast

Thank you mom for the snus
thank you Jenny for bringing it

today i am going to do a little bit of shopping, this woman and this woman can expect a little package soon


my favorite day

been up and running around since 8
closing at work tonight and gonna meet up the girls for some singing

C’est la vie

Up, make coffee and tea, quick smoke, bye bye Curry, hop in the shower… brush teeth, hair and get dressed.
pack my lunch box, eat digestive for breakfast.
write hi to you
I’l be at work the whole day
pay day tomorrow
karaoke with Jenny and the girls seems like a great plan