Monthly Archives: January 2011

don’t pour boiling water on your hands

it hurts!


fucking shit

small break from the kitchen to build pylons
and i got kicked out

i love Sainsbury’s

I spent 9 pounds!
no more ham sandwiches for me
now i am gonna COOK

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

friday, oh my friday, how i am waiting for you

i’ve literally just slept and worked the last 2 days, yesterday i did a “oh so wonderful” – 11 hours shift.
Note to myself; “look at the right week when you are checking your schedule”
Today I am off and of course that means that Curry is working, I wonder if he remembers how i look like anymore, maybe i should text him and say that I’ll wear a red rose in my hair.
Payday this Friday, I. can’t. wait. i had so many ham sandwiches that I am ready to puke, (and almost did yesterday)
Today I am gonna bake something and cook something, for (yet again) very little money.

took this pic when i was waiting for the bus yesterday

this is how i spent my day

with soda, jam sandwiches and skype

once in a while i won


love this picture of me and Louise