Monthly Archives: February 2011

nail inspiration

i really wanna do my nails…
i am thinking of making them myself, much cheaper and they will be very individual…
look at these, so cool.

these are really cool, but i wonder how functional they are? i’ll probably wont be able to play star craft…?

maybe i should just go for this design?


Linda i have a gift for you

i won the bid, even though i said i wouldn’t spend any money i did… i spent, US $0.12 and Free shipping!!!!
so cool, so cute, so perfect for you Linda
An orange New Hello Kitty Mp3 Mp4 Mobile Phone Pouches Bag

gotta love ebay…

off to work

my hair is all tangled
i had some vegetables, tuna and green tea for breakfast, i feel amazing
ok, no more than one bottle of coke today, come on Camilla – we can do it
(i think i just developed multi persona)

have a great lunch box too… yeah

“The future depends on what you do today.”

gonna run and buy a pack of smokes, pay day today – hurray!
plan is to save it all tho, live of my man so we will be able to move next month…
watching the news and drinking coffee, report from the Oscars; the King’s speech, is it that good?
Gonna cook lunch and fix my lunch box before work – AND go for a nice walk…
my theme this week, health
well, i’m gonna try to have vegetables included in my food intakes, avoid McDonald’s, no alcohol and not drink more than one bottle of Coke a day… do you think I can make it?

oh, about the bucket list, i am deciding what will be included and still collecting ideas… if you still have some ideas, hit me!!
I also have a more private list that i cant share in the blog, but i can tell you that i am well proud of myself

go on Ireland!!!!

watching the rugby, never really watched a whole rugby match before… Ireland vs Scotland… come on IRELAND!!!
did grocery shopping, made awesome bacon-vegetable lunch, went tanning…
dinner for tonight is already made and ready in the fridge…
super comfy sunday, sometimes life is less exciting but god damn lovely

in the tanning booth

6 minutes, 3 pounds… great way to feel great a sunday morning

fish, potatoes and bacon – gratin for dinner… can’t wait

a few pics from the week

mostly from the street, have been a few cans with my friends,
gotta love off license when you are broke… thank you Mia and Louise for calming down my nerves after working during half term (ie. buying me beer)

the beautiful and absolutely awesome Louise

me loves the Strongbow

our corner

me, Mia and Jenniferrrrrrrrr

Maddy!!!! i'll totally marry her

love my girls… really found a group of great girls that are completely nuts and beautiful, it does makes me happy!

it is my absolutely best friend, Rickard’s birthday today

A big happy fucking birthday to the best, coolest, most awesome person in the world.
i known you for 16 years, i am so happy that you are a great part of my life, i adore you my best friend!

Slapping the bass! Slappa da bass! Slappa da bass mon! Slappa de bass mon!