“you’re american so you are probably used to better”

went to look at a bedsit today, it was definitely an upgrade from the shit hole we’re in now… but the move in cost… we are debating if it’s worth it.
Got a call about another, with no shower in the whole building, the guy said to me, “and you’re american so you are probably used to better”
that totally threw me off, in america they all thought i was Irish…
(and i’m Swedish, and yes, ofcourse i’m used to have a shower in the building…)
we went in to an agency, but since we were not wearing suits and we’re not thinking about spending more than 200/week they could not even bother to offer us a seat, they seemed very bothered to type in anything to their computer and i think we ruined their day when we asked to see pictures of one of the properties.
We left them and walked out in the rain.
gonna look at a place we found online tomorrow, can someone just give me a chunk of money so i can afford a “proper upgrade”?
we had a pint of guinness to drown our sorrows and come up with a plan…
now i’m cooking spaghetti bolognese and gonna hang out with some zealots and stalkers…

watch out for bum implants


2 responses to ““you’re american so you are probably used to better”

  1. Hahah! Vilken festlig typ! Som att dusch hemma var en ovanlighet, en lyx man kunde unna sig någon gång i halvåret typ. Hahah! Helkul killle ju!

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