the bucket list

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross
i wanna experience tons of things…. i really have in the past but lately i have been just alive and not really been living,
gonna write a bucket list, but for the near future, things i wanna do within a year…
i have a few things i hope to do;

Go water skiing
Hunt grouse in Scotland
Go to a shooting range.
Learn conversational French
fly a helicopter
go see Arsenal play
practice driving (on the wrong side)
get a real spa treatment
find an apartment I can nest in
get a photo I took printed onto canvas
drink espresso in Rome
Skinny dip in the south of France
Milk a cow
Go on a gondola ride in Venice
take the Duck tour in London
Make a Royal Guard laugh
brew my own beer
Swim with dolphins

any suggestions?
anyone wanna join in?


13 responses to “the bucket list

  1. sounds exciting, how about a parachute jump?

  2. Swim with dolphins? Really? I thought that was just a joke. Hehe…

    I’m gonna go make my own list now I think. 🙂

  3. For the “get a photo I took printed onto canvas” one, may be you can try making gallery wraps or float wraps like the ones on they are really nice and not too terribly expensive (for a professional service)!

  4. I milked a cow at our State Fair and we’re actually going for Helicoptor lessons this Saturday. I’d have to say the thing I’ve liked the best that I’ve done so far is swimming with Whale Sharks and the thing I’m most proud of was running a marathon. Great list!

  5. Hell yeah! Of course I´d like to join! Let´s go make a Royal Guard laugh!
    I´d also like to go to a shooting range, and I´d really really really want to get an espresso in Rome 🙂

  6. Jag ska börja tänka på min egen lista…..
    Toppen bra ide´

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