i was hungry today

late night last night, Ylva is leaving us and we had to get drunk.
Suffering from hungover, me and Jenniferrrrrr decided to go to McDonald’s and eat like pigs today… and so we did…

I had a Quarter pounder meal and a double cheeseburger and an extra large fries… but little Katie and Jenniferrrrr stole the cheeseburger from me in the end,

i love this dublin girl

mmmm burger!

had a shower and hopped into my cozy kit, eating wotsits and looking at pictures from yesterday, i am working with mad people, i adore them!
Had so much fun but i was proud of myself that i went home after the pub instead of go clubbing, my head and my wallet thanked me this morning…
Not awesomely great to go take the bus to work at 9…

gonna miss you Ylva, i know we all are.
more pics are coming up, some here and some on facebook… soon, gonna eat some after eights first, Curry had a box waiting for me when i got home.


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