about revisiting songs (With a spindle up my butt…)

I always liked music, when I was young, before I spoke and understood English i used to listen to songs in English and kind of hum/sing along to them by just imitating the sound.
The last couple of years I’ve heard some of the songs I remember liking as a kid and I always got this feeling of “this is what the song is about?”
or “that’s what they are singing”
The song “I will always love you” by Whitney Houson, that we all loved in 5th grade, I had it recorded onto one of my mixtapes, and of course like everybody else i knew, i tried to sing along to it.
Never mind the fact that I did not hit the notes as the now Queen of Crack probably can’t do herself, but my lyrics…?

And I wish you joy and happiness
But above all this I wish you love

my version was more, butumpumpumthee i wish you looooove
i don’t know what “butumpumpumthee” was but it sounded about right…
Why i am thinking about this right now is because the other day i did listen to the song “Bobby Brown” with Frank Zappa
I. had. no. idea.
when i was about eight and danced around/tried to sing along
what. he. was. singing. about.
Probably my parents did not really either, or hopefully they were (are) not familiar with terms like “tower of power” and “golden shower”
The song was a real hit in Sweden at the time and i recently read an interview with Zappa about that;

“So You get the idea that Bobby Brown has wound up sitting on a stool with a thing up his ass while somebody pisses on him. And that´s why I think that´s unusual that the song is so popular here. I mean, when I go to a disco and see people dancing the Bobby Brown, I had to laugh.”
Frank Zappa

It is a great song though, Zappa was a genius, i am just laughing at the seven-eight year me just enjoying the flow of the song, trying to sing along as well as i could…
with no idea what words i was imitating.


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