i am in love

i am willing to live on noodles and tuna (and other really cheap food)
please just let me move in

look mum, flowers

curry is checking out where he can hide all my clothes

here i'm gonna cook for you

here we are gonna sit and have movie nights

i can see dinner parties (hope u like noodles)
sleep overs
dancing and jumping contest
i can see my nephew and niece running around playing here
i can see my future
i wanna nest here


5 responses to “i am in love

  1. Åh, det där köket ser ju finfint ut! HOPPAS!!!! Jag vill komma och hälsa på där!!

  2. I wanna be there for movie night!!!

  3. I wanna be there for gaming nights!!!

  4. Vad fint, håller tummarna!!!

  5. Besta luck Camilla!!The sad thing is about the millionairs who have Mansions and cleaners in and never even stay there just luxury gettaways!!I believe in squatting in luxury!!

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