Monthly Archives: March 2011

moi et ma fausse fourrure

what a bargain
now i am walking the streets with shades and pretend i am a rockstar


My brother is so fucking awesome

he is ranked no 9 in 2v2 in the world, in the master league
I am so proud of him
he is my sc2 mentor
and both my brother and Gemi have been helping me become a good Protoss player
congratulations guys
i am well proud and happy for you!!!

i look like a hysterical fan

my “im-gonna-smile-depsite-the-hangover”-smile is hilarious

hey, you are following Mia on twitter right?

blurry Monday night

Ran in to Rich Hall, I tried to convince him to let me do some miming on his next show… i did not succeed, but I might pop down and see the show next week though.
My camera decided to be on auto(no)-focus and all pictures all blurry, matches my memory… really Jenniferrrrr, shots? you are a bad influence…
Met the coolest cabdriver on the way home (after waiting for the bus for more than an hour) who let us smoke in the car…

look at us being all cool smoking in the cab 🙂

look what was on my table when i got home

gott och blandat, my all time favorite candy
Louise is home!!!
Welcome back love
Lets have breakfast soon

and a close up on my nails

i am really happy with them, got new nail glue so hopefully they’ll stay on, some of the Paddy’s-nails fell of after a few hours…
i like that they are shorter too, I can actually do stuff with them, even if texting is a little bit complicated.

What a day, what a day, what a day, what a mighty good day

woke with post vodka headache
just one?
Just one drink does not exist. period.
Met up with Mia to hang around when she did some vocal recording, what a voice!
We have a little project we are working on and I am super excited!
This spring has so much potential

Hurry up with them T-shirts, I wanna wear one