good morning – i have a mission

i am planning to dye my hair before i go to work… anyone think i will make it?
back in the days when i was young and virile (wait, what?) well energized, i use to start work abound 5-6 in the mornings, when i had the morning free (ie. started at 10) i was up and dyed my hair before work…
now i am happy if i have time to eat breakfast when i start at 12.30.
Well… hoping to run the store, get the color (this one) and get it done before i leave right after 11.

Had the best supper yesterday, came home close to 11, after a shit day, to a box of after eight that my beautiful man got me, i cuddled up in the bed, pigged the whole box and fell asleep… mmm lovely…
and the health week? i was too tired to care


3 responses to “good morning – i have a mission

  1. You are really brave. I’m not sure I’d dye my hair while tired and about to go to work. Seems like a risky adventure. haha

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