nothing to do on a Monday?

why not

Had an absolutely amazingly fun day yesterday, brought Curry and Emelie to the X factor audition… a check for my bucket list for sure.
hours and hours of dancing, jumping, waving to the helicopter and cameras, laughing and queuing
Greenwich was full of people who wanted to be the next pop star, people in weird clothes, people who were taking the piss and… well full of people.
Finally at 5 I went in to one of the 20 something boots, sang for a lady and went back to Kilburn for drinks.

did i go trough? no
did i have the time of my life? abso-fucking-lutely

i do not regret a single second of yesterday and I am so pepped to follow my bucketlist and keep push myself to enjoy every breath i take.
I ended up singing with the band on stage in the bar… improvised Swedish blues.
danced with Emelie like it was no tomorrow.
yesterday was one of my best days in a very long time, and more of them are coming up for sure!
Curry and Emelie – i adore you guys so fucking much!!!


10 responses to “nothing to do on a Monday?

  1. You´re the best! 🙂 Miss you!

  2. hAAHAHAHAAH! Fantastiskt ju!

  3. Yes! Blingfittepower!

  4. Härligt….
    det ser ut som du hade en underbar dag..

  5. Fan va kul, vilken upplevelse!


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