mad cow disease

Louise looked at me like i was mad when i came in to the kitchen dressed up as a cow.
She is working, Curry is working and i am in pain.
gonna try to watch Despicable Me and drink tea
it’s awesome weather outside and i am stuck inside…

i’m a sad cow
(now is the time for you to write stuff like “feel better soon” “get well” and other things to make me feel better, stop by with ice cream is fine too)


8 responses to “mad cow disease

  1. feel better soon, lol. Your cow outfit is super cute, where did you get it?

  2. Här har du nåt roligt att titta på. Kanske piggar den här trummisen upp dig lite. Mig får han i alla fall att skratta mig halvt fördärvad.
    Krya på dig nu!

  3. Jag vill börja spela trummor

  4. feel better my LOve xxx
    you r a mad cow :/ but ur my COW 😉 XXXXXXXXX


  6. Krya på dig min lilla kalv..
    I dag är det SOL och ganska varmt, så det blir att sitta ute
    och sola ……

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