so many reasons to be happy

i booked my ticket to Sweden, gonna have 8 days hanging out with my family and best friend (well one day in Sthlm and that day I’ll spend with you Rickard, you have no choice). :p
pay day today
I’ve been up early and done “important stuff”
i am ready to leave the house at 9.30 in the morning and i am not tired (i guess i have to thank coffee for that), i have a cool week ahead of me, mixing some business with pleasure.

i am still addicted to david Bowie and can’t listen to anything else on my iPod… he is kinda the sound track of my life now.
what a fucking genius, i know thats no news, but once in awhile i re-falling head over heals for that man


One response to “so many reasons to be happy

  1. Ohh I am very excited!
    And the endless tour never ends.

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