Monthly Archives: May 2011

i rock this house

been to the bank, did grocery shopping, cleaned (yeah i know) did dishes, gonna do laundry and cook dinner.
I feel awesome… it’s not even 3pm
so what for treat, editing or SC2?
hey all you guys, i’m on skype now, talk to me!!!!


i’ve been a lame ass piece of ass

my camera broke (again) this time i think it is for real… i can’t take any pictures, ans that sucks, i’ve been busy running around and doing stuff and when i’ve been home i’ve been glued to the screen watching dr who.
look at me, coming up with excuses why i have not been updating very frequently…
anywho, i am off today and am gonna run to my bank, fix a bunch of things and i’m gonna skype with friends and family… Louise and I said we might actually clean today as well… we’lll see about that
having my last sip of the morning coffee and getting ready to start the day, xoxo

Dr WHO with a pillow on my head

Yesterday, hungover as a bitch
Football, karaoke and way too much buckfast on sat… Had so much fun!
But god it hurt the day after 😉
Just wanna say hi

I have 47p in my wallet and no credit on the phone, this saturday is gonna rock

My bankcard doesn’t work (i have to wait until Monday so i can go the bank and fix it… )
So i’m stuck at home with no money the day after payday.
Eating noodles (12p) with greek yogurt while reading a book i borrowed from Mia,
I said goodbye to her this morning, she is going to Sweden and I miss her already.
I guess a movie night with myself is on the schedule while everyone else is watching football on the pub and having fun… or, does anyone wanna play starcraft?

On a more fun note, 12 days until i start my new job!

what a night…

parenting teenagers is not an easy job
my nerves can’t handle this
Rebecca, you are in big trouble young lady, AND you are fucking grounded

(btw, you are sleeping on the couch from now on)

last days before payday

we went to buy cigarettes with this… the guy did not look to happy

my sexy, hot and talented room mate

Louise is a creative little f##k
while i’ve been lying in bed in my cow onesie eating crisps she has been going crazy with my studs…
this is what she did
we need more studs so she can pimp the world.