train to paradise

with my sister in law, niece and nephew, brother is coming tomorrow
Been eating Swedish meatballs, cookies and other treats… we’ve wrestled with luggage and ignorant passengers, met adorable and helpful hippies, changed trains and used our tetris skills to get everything into my mother’s car, and now, we are finally here, in paradise.
The most adorable little home in the countryside…
The whole family will be together and nothing is making me happier…
Linda with the sleeping beauty

reading Bamse and enjoying the view from the train

me and Kev are having a laugh

Kev is flirting with the camera

Gonna spend some time out in the countryside, take care of my family and myself…
Alexandra met my mother’s cat for the first time and i can tell you it was instant love, she is so careful with Matisse, petting and feeding him while talking to him in a made up language… adorable!

I don’t care how poor a woman is; if she has family, she’s rich


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