some honest thoughts

the last weeks been very rough, a lot of changes, most of my friends know what im talking about… i don’t wanna write about it on the blog due to so many readers and i don’t know who all of you are… it feels kinda weird.
I just want to tell you that i am healing and so is the person who is the reason i had to go home earlier.
I am so grateful i could go home when i did, thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me in this.
Life is changing.
I’ll stay focus on the good things in life at the moment…
Everything will be alright…
I’ll be back in London soon with new energy and super powers


8 responses to “some honest thoughts

  1. I wish you all the best Camilla

    saknar dig jättejättemycket..

  3. Skönt att höra!

  4. bring me some possitives energie plz i m so gladto see u are having a goood time

  5. Camilla, change is positive. Trust me, I do know life can be difficult sometimes. I won’t be cheesy and say that things happen for a reason, but inevitably changes will happen and happen so can experience new things. Whatever you are going through will lead to other new exciting times in your life . . . . . stay strong . . . . . love at ya!

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