OMG I can’t believe i was there

Kevin was walking today, we were all sitting down on the floor with crayons and papers everywhere… all of a sudden Kevin stumbles by with a pen in his hand.
Me and my brother just froze, too scare to make any movement or sound that would distract him, we looked at each other, at Kevin (who looked amazed and happy at the same time) back at each other, looked at Alexandra who was building a tower, at the same time Kevin discovered his big sister’s building and took a few more steps in that very same direction.
it looked like a scene from Godzilla… Alexandra was not too happy with her little brother’s new discovery… me, i had tears in my eyes…
The next hour we spent having him walking to his daddy (it was no point trying to have him walk in my direction, he had no interest to go to auntie what so ever)
He seems so happy he was laughing the whole time, as if he is realizing what he was doing.
I am so happy to be a part of this moment, when Alexandra took her first steps i was in San Francisco.
this was p r i c e l e s s


One response to “OMG I can’t believe i was there

  1. I wanna see it tooo!!! I have to wait almost two weeks, he will be running by then!!
    Oh, hes gonna run to me when i get there!! I cant wait!!

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