rainy thoughts in the… rain

rain, rain and rain, damn it i was suppose to work on my tan while i’m here, working on eating as many cinnamon buns before the kids wake up and steal them from me instead.
Lying on the couch and doing some research for an upcoming project, (exciting, it’s funny how interesting it is to “study” something because you want to rather because you have to… )
checking my facebook and twitter some as well… what did we before internet, talked?

Checking my stats on the blog and it’s kind of weird how many people that are reading, but so few that comment, why is that?
Well, i am not a frequent commenter either, i am a silent reader, almost like it is a guilty pleasure to read other people’s blogs, i am afraid to leave any footprint, the writer might think am a weird stalker?
But then again, to see a new comments on a self written post makes people happy, i assume so, why would they have a comment function otherwise?
it makes me very happy, feels like someone is listening to me screaming out loud in the big universe of ones and zeros…
are you a commenter or a silent reader?

(ha, i tried to trick you by writing a question and see if you are answering)


5 responses to “rainy thoughts in the… rain

  1. Well I kinda think we talked on the phone for hour and hours and hours and hours and hours.

  2. Jag skriver på de flesta bloggarna jag läser men sen har jag ett par som jag liksom läser i smyg. Inte för att jag vill vara hemlig utan mer för att de bloggarna redan får så satans många kommentarer att min skulle försvinna i mängden.
    Jag älskar att få kommentarer och tänker att då borde ju andra bli lika glada av det.

  3. jag gillar mer titeln stalker.

  4. undertecknat bonke.

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