Monthly Archives: June 2011

look at the sky

Listening to… (Yeah u guessed it right) on my way home from work and feel really happy!
Life is gooooood
( I am actually listening to a different version than normal, progress huh?)


having a picnic while waiting for the train

Parma ham, salami and brie
Been to the doctor, my allergy is killing me… Got some prescriptions, hope it works.

just a thought at 10 past 10 a wednesday night

this week went by so fast, its thursday tomorrow, almost weekend
gonna sit home and work on a project this weekend, feels great, just gonna sit with my laptop and edit…
i am looking forward to this so much!!! 🙂
can not wait to show you all… soon soon soon

a little bit of shopping

Spent very little, got pretty much
Love shopping at Primark and today I didn’t get lost trying to find it, that felt like a small victory
Summer I am now ready for you, I got sandals 😉

wednesday morning and tummy is happy


live like a hippie…

while i’m on my way to work i wanna share this awesome picture of the people i live with at the moment… (well, kinda and there are more of us… )
It is a fucking fab house and no matter what is gonna happen, (i mean eventually we are all gonna move out, that is how life works, people coming, people going… )
But right now, this house is brilliant and i know we all gonna look back at this period and remember it with a huge smile, this is madness and so much fun!!
everyone should live in a flat share at least one period of their lives… i’ve been living like a hippie the last 6 years… (time to get some stability soon i guess)
the teenagers, oh they just started.

sun-bum, sun-bum

it’s not fucking one it’s two

sun-bum, sun-bum
it’s one for me and you

next episode of the Sun-bums
the girls go East and forcing their friends to go to a house club