happy midsummer

last year i spent this weird holiday with my absolutely best friend, Rickard and his family.
Great food and i was so impressed by the salmon, Rickard’s dad made Gravlax from scratch and it tasted like heaven. (which reminds me, i need the recipe so I can make some here in my flat. You can make tons for the buck and it taste better than the one you buy.)

That was a great beginning of a couple of awesome weeks in Sweden, spending time with Rickard, eating and playing star craft and i was just a few minutes away to see my niece and my sister in law was due any second…
lovely summer in Sweden, can’t believe i’ve almost lived in London for a year… no plans to move really, love love love it here.
Even though it’s been pissing down rain the last couple of days… 😉
Can’t wait until Rickard comes here for a visit, we’re gonna have a blast!!
well, all i really wanted to say is; happy midsummer


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