live like a hippie…

while i’m on my way to work i wanna share this awesome picture of the people i live with at the moment… (well, kinda and there are more of us… )
It is a fucking fab house and no matter what is gonna happen, (i mean eventually we are all gonna move out, that is how life works, people coming, people going… )
But right now, this house is brilliant and i know we all gonna look back at this period and remember it with a huge smile, this is madness and so much fun!!
everyone should live in a flat share at least one period of their lives… i’ve been living like a hippie the last 6 years… (time to get some stability soon i guess)
the teenagers, oh they just started.


3 responses to “live like a hippie…

  1. jag gillar detta.

  2. Damn I miss my college years. Living in a dorm with 6 people and traveling around with those people all summer. Hurry and invent the time machine, i wanna go back.

  3. Great work over again! I am looking forward for more updates;)

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