Monthly Archives: August 2011

after a visit to Primark

Got myself some pillows (and a whole bag of crap)
Love starting at 5… The downside is tho, I spend too much money, I’m glad Primark is next to free.
And I need socks since all mine seem to be all my flat mate’s property


going to visit my lovely country

booked a return flight for £18 to Sweden!!!
going back in 2,5 weeks… gonna eat gott och blandat, hang out with my family, have hours long “fika” with Rickard, eat falukorv och snabbmakaroner… basically enjoy my beloved country for a few days
I am so stoked!
(and i am paying less than i (accidentally) did for a liverpool shirt on eBay….) (note to self, don’t drink and bid)

new hair and new nails

And newly cooked dinner to bring to work, I managed to do some of them gazillions things today…

my 919th post

started this day with a nice lie-in, breakfast in bed and Doctor Who reviews.
since Sunday morning i’ve been struggling figuring out if i loved the new episode or not… I think i am a little bit disappointed.
Anyway, Don’t have to be at work until 5 so going be useful now and do all them gazillion things I’ve been avoiding lately.
it was a tough weekend, now let’s regenerate to office-Camilla again 🙂

at work

Got wotsits
I am ready for live tv

becca ca ca ca

money money money

Monopoly Sunday with Frenchy and Becca ca ca ca