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“Potentially we’re looking at 28C and 29C again today. That would make it the hottest September 30

well, that is just fucking great
Finally the weather here is smashing, people are running around in mini shorts and Women lie on deck chairs in the sun
London is boiling

So what do I do?
Well, i continuing my mission coughing my spine to pieces in a somewhat insomnia state… it is impossible to sleep when constantly shaking, my coughing is out of this world.
This is my view

While you are all enjoying the weather I am gonna read about Kerry Katona’s ‘six-month man ban” while sipping lemsip


being sick makes you nostalgic for sure

been looking through some oldies and want to share a few more
Martha is fixing my hair before we where shooting our first episode of IDTV that I was hosting with Courtenay
here you can see some behind the scenes

here we are shooting Through a glass darkly , Director; Lukas Lukasik, I am playing Karin

and finally 2 pics from another Lukasik production, Blessed Virgin Mary, click here for the trailer. The film toured San Francisco with a live band playing the score, it was an amazing feeling watching it with live music.

Here, after hours of shooting I’m becoming Ninja Mary instead

and of course… with Bowie

well, his star
can’t really post Cali pics without one from Hollywood 🙂

i am a coughing slob on antibiotic

it’s super great weather outside, summer came back, everyone is enjoying themselves and i am stuck half sitting in my bed coughing my lungs out (and some nasty shit is coming up, trust me)
i’m eating tomato soup and exploring the world wide web, pissed since i am missing the last episode of Breaking News at work, missing Friday fun and frat party tomorrow.
gonna down another lemsip and dream about California

the surf bar at the pier

Halloween in Santa Barbara

T-shirt shoot at Revision3

checking out the bridge with my beautiful mother


i’ve been busy coughing my spine to pieces
how are you?

Typical symptoms include cough, chest pain, fever, and difficulty breathing

my cold moved down to my lungs, i had to sit up while trying to sleep to be able to breath,
going to the doctor in an hour

having a great time at work

Drinking peppermint tea while watching and counting…