being sick makes you nostalgic for sure

been looking through some oldies and want to share a few more
Martha is fixing my hair before we where shooting our first episode of IDTV that I was hosting with Courtenay
here you can see some behind the scenes

here we are shooting Through a glass darkly , Director; Lukas Lukasik, I am playing Karin

and finally 2 pics from another Lukasik production, Blessed Virgin Mary, click here for the trailer. The film toured San Francisco with a live band playing the score, it was an amazing feeling watching it with live music.

Here, after hours of shooting I’m becoming Ninja Mary instead


3 responses to “being sick makes you nostalgic for sure

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well, but it was nice to see you the way I remember seeing you while you were here. Made me smile. Get well soon.

  2. thank you John, doing my best but failing…

  3. I love You Kinski, Kinski, Sendin healing Vibe ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha

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