dinner in the park with candles = stalker alert

we brought the Risotto, two wine glasses, non alcoholic wine (dudes, i’m on antibiotic), candles and dessert to enjoy the dinner in the park

well, what can i say, not the smartest idea, the park was full of psychos with a huge interest in women in skirts with candles… (can we sound more hippie?)
feeling like two hyenas targeted by a bunch of lions we packed our basket and slowly backed out of the park and went for a stroll, walked a few blocks and saw the cutes kitten in a window.
We kept walking and turned around and saw one of the creep from the park kept following us.
had to walk million different ways to shake him off…
Now we are home and safe… and i’m… blogging about it
Freak, if you read my blog:

well, the dinner was great


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