hilarious and creepy search terms

camilla stenmark nude – stop searching for that, there are no such pictures on the world wide web
“camilla stenmark” “breaking news” – worked with that from London the last 6 weeks
naked swedes – it’s been a lot of searches for naked lately…
camilla danzig – one of my coolest interviews i’ve done
camilla sweden starcraft 2 – one of the most popular searches… diamond league*
rich hall london – yeah, a very drunk night
mia klose – one of my favorite women
en taro tassadar – geeks ❤
sidecuts hair porn video – seriously? i don’t even know what that means…

when i had a sidecut

*in 4v4


8 responses to “hilarious and creepy search terms

  1. “camilla stenmark nude”

  2. not “lol” – creepy

  3. ./me send sister a electroinc pepper spray and a shoot gun

  4. hahahaha det finns bra konstiga människor :b

  5. You know that now that you’ve actually written “camilla stenmark nude” more people will come to your blog with that in mind…. I learned that from when i wrrote about someone coming to my blog from the search term “nakna tanter fitta”. Hehe. The pervs love to visit my blog now! And I sure love to dissapoint them. 🙂

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