come on £12,000,000, be mine tonight

i wanna take super limo to the gig tomorrow…

had quit a lot on my mind today, why are some things so fucking hard??? (£12,000,000 would make some of them so much easier)
i am so glad i have friends who knows exactly how to make me feel better, chatted to Mia some in the phone today and life seems so much easier…
made two decisions on the way home on the bus, could be two of the most important ones i made in my life, or well, top 10 maybe, or 20? point is, i made them and i’ll live up to them.


4 responses to “come on £12,000,000, be mine tonight

  1. OMG both of u are so hot! I wish I was looking like that! N that headpiec, WOW, where did u get that from? Love it!

  2. Hey Camilla. What were the two decisions?

  3. Hey Camilla, what are your favourite hobbies in London?

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