weird dreams (are made of this?)

i have had the weirdest dreams lately, i am in situations where i can’t move and/or i am so tired in my dreams that i can’t hardly stay awake.
i am using every little cell in my body but i am still stuck…
the feeling keep coming back almost every night… anyone good at reading dreams?
Why am i dreaming that? if you know – let me know 🙂

half day today and i’ve been semi busy and got a a lot done including a Caesar salad to die for
Gonna run by the post office to pick up some packets… and then off to work – rocking my new jacket i got on Friday’s clothing swap!!


4 responses to “weird dreams (are made of this?)

  1. I have the exact same dream! Been having it for years now. I am sooo tired and can’t even lift my head but I have to keep going. Sometimes I am in a car and need to drive real fast but because I don’t have a license I don’t know how to and I keep falling asleep. I hate this kind of dream.

  2. Fucking hell hot jacket! Really suits u!!!

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