my favorite sleeping partner

no, of course not, i am sleeping with the Tardis… what are you guys thinking?
Sitting and going through every single website trying to find a new place to call home, but the web is just riddled with scams and bullshit…
i’m telling you – it’s not easy or cheap to live in London

can’t wait until the weekend, gonna do a proper flat hunt and hang out with my little protege…

we have a date… wohooo

okiii guys, can we all do one cool thing together? can we all pray to the tooth fairy and Santa that i will find a little, tiny affordable studio soon?
with cooking facilities and my own toilet… please


5 responses to “my favorite sleeping partner

  1. YES!! Tardis and Camilla in the same picture!

  2. hey what about shooting stars ?
    IF WE pretend the air planes in the night are like shooting stars you can really make a wish 😀

  3. I am pretty sure you will find a flat soon! why? I am praying like fuck! 🙂

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