Monthly Archives: November 2011

did some shopping


lift party pt2

and we are in

Mmm bop

my santa has been here again

Thank you!!!! 🙂

It started as a laugh, as a bit of a joke…

A few weeks ago Sarah forced me, no tricked me… no to be fair she actually just asked me if I wanted to come along… and I thought, “why the fuck not, you only live once”
So I said; hell fucking yes
I actually thought they were a one hit wonder 15 something years ago and had no idea they released anything but that mmm single back in the days… but hey, I was wrong.
so tonight I am travelling to the other side of the river to go see that show. You might find me stand in the front row tossing panties at the boys.
A tiny little drink and then I’m ready
but now, work!


With Becca and Weronica

part of my view today

A little bit of voice over and now I’m gonna have some women over