what a lovely beginning of the week

i love my work so much, had an absolutely lovely day yesterday….
80’s theme at the office yesterday so many people dressed up and i believe people are working better when they are dressed in color

I won prize for best costume (a big thank you to Mia who donated clothes to me) the shorts where so tight my ovaries hurt and it will probably take me a year to wash the amount of hairspray i used… but hey, definitely worth it.

Some of us stayed and had a bit of wine before we went out bar-hoping (while singing our lungs out), we were like a big, happy, karaoke machine family
the last bar we went to gave us instruments and we stayed there for quite a while taking request from the locals
great night.
I have millions of more pictures stuck on Becca’s camera, i need a cable before i can put them on my computer, do you want to see them? or are you tired of me posting pictures of me dressed as a pirate or 80’s bitch?

having today off, trying to catch up with some things one does not have time doing when you have a 9-5 job
also, having a really interesting meeting later this afternoon
keeping my fingers crossed


One response to “what a lovely beginning of the week

  1. u look so darrrrrrn hooooooooot

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