lazy Saturday while dreaming of getting muscles

what a lovely Saturday
I slept in, had pork chops and ginger tea for breakfast
called my brother and his family on skype and talked to my niece and nephew, my niece said; ” I love you auntie” to me and almost started to cry
Have script reading and a few phone calls on the agenda today, I am considering making apple pie later on, or maybe a solid healthy smoothie?
I checked groupon as well and got a little hooked on the idea to sign up for 12 Classes With Extreme Fitness Boot Camps...
I am doing absolutely nothing exercise wise these days ( i sold my remaining yoga classes) and I kinda like the idea to get well fit 🙂
it’s a great deal… has anyone tried it? Does anyone wanna join? come in London-people, sign up with me and help me with the motivation!!!


10 responses to “lazy Saturday while dreaming of getting muscles

  1. Oh man, I would LOVE to do the Extreme Fitness Boot Camp with you. Sucks I don’t live in London anymore. I would have been sooo up for it!

  2. Jag ska gå på BMF (british military fitness) för första gången i morgon i hyde park. Jag har inte tränat på 10-15 år så det är på tiden!! gå dit du med om du vill så blir det ett litet swedish party! (Gratis första gången också!)

  3. That sounds so cool, I wish I could join.
    If I ever move to London 😉

  4. Jag och en annan svensk bloggare (withsofia) ska träffas i knightbridge (de tränar i hyde park) kl. 09.50 i morgon. Du måste registrara dig och ta med dig en utskrift, här är länken:
    Hojta till om du hänger med, vore skitkul!!

  5. Är i Sverige nästa söndag men kanske söndagen därefter? 🙂

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