alright chickens, i’m off…

gonna head off to the studio now for my voice over session
I have ginger tea in my sippy cup and I’ve been singing scales to warm up my voice
I. am . ready.


5 responses to “alright chickens, i’m off…

  1. Hello. Is ginger tea good for your voice? I might pass on this tip to our singer. Thanks I enjoyed your blog.

  2. Very excited for you! I am sure you are doing an awesome job with it.

    I think maybe I should warn you that you may never want to leave my flat once you get there. It is small and in theory not that special but I have a feeling you will love what it contains;)

    Oh, and can I just say: You look smokin’ in that photo. I get totally jealous looking at it! In a completely non mean way of course:P

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