the word of this week is defenestrate

i love that there is a word in English that means “to throw (someone or something) from a window”
(if it is word that means “to throw hsbc out of my life” i would write that in caps, I would use that loud and proud right now)
Another word we used quite a lot was “Starch” (Stärkelse, Amidon, Stärke, Tärkkelys)
I can’t write about what we did there, since it is all secrets, but I can let you know that the restaurant experience was insane
Duck, veal, cheese, superb wine, 20 different cutlery, champagne …

The people on the meeting were fabulous, we competed in pentathlon and sadly i was not as good at “high five” as i thought.
I did not sleep many hours in Copenhagen but i think it was well spent hours

unfortunately the trip started with that my card was declined at the airport, there are a few feelings as awesome as when you are going abroad and your card doesn’t work even though you know there’s money on it.
Great start to lend money of your co worker for the whole trip (thank you P for being so kind though) 6 am in the morning…
hence i want to “defenestrate” hsbc, i’ve been in the phone with them for a while today and my conclusion is that they suck and i can not access my money until they send me a new card… great, really… great service, fucking c###s

But back to Copenhagen, what a lovely, awesome city, have not been there since i was a kid.
I was so lucky that my friend Sarah let me stay in her apartment so I could spend one day extra in the city after we were done with the business.
can’t wait to see you again in a few days Sarah
ok, now I’m gonna do some proof listening… (is that even a word?) and obviously not enjoy being off, but if you work from bed… (wait that could sound weird in so many ways…)


6 responses to “the word of this week is defenestrate

  1. So happy you had a good time here. Mi casa es su casa. You are always welcome if you want to come back 🙂 I am really looking forward to seeing you again, too.
    Oh, and the gift you left me is probably the best thing you could have gotten me. Well done coming up with that! 😉

  2. Hsbc gör så hela tiden om man inte säger till de att man ska utomlands då tror de att ens kort är stulet så de blockerar det och sen är det ingen som kan öppna det igen så de måste skicka ett nytt helt sjukt. Jag har förklarat att det kanske skulle va bra om de i alla fall ringde o frågade om man faktiskt var i Sverige innan de blockerar men set var tydligen för avancerat för de. Jag har haft tur de senaste tre ggn jag varit utomlands. Men innan dess hade jag ALLTID problemet de…. Argh!!!!

  3. Nästa gång du är i Danmark kanske jag kan komma
    och ta en öl med dig….
    Det är inte så långt… ❤ ❤

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