Monthly Archives: December 2011

and I am still NOT SMOKING

Its haaaaard


who wants to come for dinner?

Bought a kitchen starter set and a kettle… I will eat noodles for the next month. But I will cook them with class.

ok, just have to show two pictures

my kitchen, it is adorable, I can’t wait to start cooking in this kitchen, I’ve scored a proper oven and stove.
Going grocery shopping tomorrow and will get fill my little fridge with nice stuff, unfortunately, I am completely broke now after signing the contract so it will be budget food shopping..

just had a long shower (in my PRIVATE BATHROOM) lit some candles and now i am listening to Frank Zappa…. feel like a king.

update: my mom just corrected me, Princess, she wants me to write princess, so here we go,
“feel like a princess”

a new place to call home

thank you all for crossing your fingers, i bet i helped… cause now i have a little, tiny (super tiny) studio to call home…
No sharing with anyone
so damn, fucking, awesomely happy
update tomorrow with pics, but for now…

don’t wanna jinx anything but….

i am off soon to look at a studio

wish me luck
cross your fingers

amongst old ruins and small towns

i am dancing like there is no tomorrow

I really like, no, love, the feeling of sitting in a car and you just drive… you can end up anywhere.
We did a few of those trips in California, once we were driving close to Salton Sea, we found “the last free space”, an old hippie car park that was made into a cinema/theater.
The whole exterior was mad out of old car parts, like a little club but with no roof, big old cans where burning, a PA system where hooked up and the old free people where jamming. All around it people lived in their caravans, a whole little society we found.
We were warmly greeted and very soon i was welcomed up to the stage to sing with them, we fired up some Moody blues , the box tops and other good old songs.
That was a magic night we were drinking wine and talked about art, we fell asleep in the car and left the next morning to continue our trip.
Well, this little trip did not contain any burning trash cans, but we did wake up in a car next to the sea.

(we timed a low tide though)

we found a lot of old ruins, and this beautiful building

really great little trip, want to do one again soon

I’m a M-F-natural

Look at me, I am so proud, look how even and nice it is
haha, syhäxan should see me now, (the sewing witch) our art and craft teacher in high school, she use to kick me out of her class since i was such a “rebel” and refused to do it her way…
Now (well, billion years later) I am drinking tea and knitting (well, my way though) and feeling just great

and 11 days since i quit smoking