I’m a M-F-natural

Look at me, I am so proud, look how even and nice it is
haha, syhäxan should see me now, (the sewing witch) our art and craft teacher in high school, she use to kick me out of her class since i was such a “rebel” and refused to do it her way…
Now (well, billion years later) I am drinking tea and knitting (well, my way though) and feeling just great

and 11 days since i quit smoking


6 responses to “I’m a M-F-natural

  1. You are so awesome! David is trying to quit with his sugar intake. It’s not going as good… He’s acting like a heroine addict. His sugar addiction started when he was a kid and not a day has gone by without sweets. He sees Polly chocolate everywhere like Capten Haddock sees bottles of whiskey. 🙂

  2. Great job Camilla

  3. You are a little crazy, but you know that! When you find a new project you throw yourself full tilt at it. I don’t doubt you will knit some fantastic items in time. And as always Congratulations on the no smoking. 11 days behind you & a smoke free future ahead of you. You Rock, Kidle!

  4. Oh vad duktig du är…. mor din får en liten tår i ögat… ❤ ❤

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