ok, just have to show two pictures

my kitchen, it is adorable, I can’t wait to start cooking in this kitchen, I’ve scored a proper oven and stove.
Going grocery shopping tomorrow and will get fill my little fridge with nice stuff, unfortunately, I am completely broke now after signing the contract so it will be budget food shopping..

just had a long shower (in my PRIVATE BATHROOM) lit some candles and now i am listening to Frank Zappa…. feel like a king.

update: my mom just corrected me, Princess, she wants me to write princess, so here we go,
“feel like a princess”


11 responses to “ok, just have to show two pictures

  1. Har du redan flyttat in? Herrejävlar, det gick fort!

  2. Åh va mysigt! Måste kännas hur bra som helst! Grattisgrattisgrattis!!

  3. Min lilla prinsessa…. inte King…

    Detta var riktig goa nyheter!
    nu vill jag se ett avsnitt “My crib”! Så hitta en kameraman och sätt fart!

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