Monthly Archives: January 2012

i kissed a dalek



going in

Gonna sit in the audience for a comedy show

and the fan pictures just keep coming

hahahaha, i love this
if you want to join this art movement and have your PS picture on my blog, please send your Camilla pic to

still not smoking

Been over 7 weeks since I quit… I am not writing about it so much because it FEELS SO GOOD!!
It is so much easier than I thought – because I really wanted to quit I don’t think there is a point trying unless you’ve really decided that you want to.
I’m doing great and don’t even really miss it.
Thoughts on that?

i guess its my lucky day today

Not only did I get a beautiful fan photo on the way home I stop by the store to get myself some salmon.
On the way out I grab a scratchcard (2 actually) and right when the bus shows up, in time believe it or not, the last £2 does the same…
My. Lucky. Day.

got my first fan picture sent to me

(you ar ea caravan in Swedish)
a very flattering image as well….
I am crying in front of the computer now, crying of laughter.
Thank you Alex, my biggest fan
actually, i got one before, here is me in the jail, the same artist