18 days since I quit smoking

I am constantly hungry
it is not too hard but it is hard enough.
especially after food, with coffee, with alcohol, waiting on the bus, stressed situations etc
I obviously don’t need the nicotine as much as I miss the habit.
Co worker told me: “can you manage this week without cigarettes, you’ve really managed to quit”
Who’s with me?


9 responses to “18 days since I quit smoking

  1. “Can we do it? YES WE CAN!!” (;

  2. Well done, Camilla!

  3. Good luck, Been here before a few times, still smoking though but one day i’ll get there, but good luck and don’t quit quitting..

  4. Gabriele Garrett

    Hi Camila
    I stopped smoking 18 days ago and started to eat healthy foods combined with useing the Gym and swimming.
    I have smoked for 34years and I can tell you it’s worth it.
    Lost 1.5 kg in weight so it does work Stop Smoking, eat healthy and work out.
    I have the same habit’s as you and 1 week is just one step closer .
    Keep cool and go for it you can do it!
    Good Luck!!

    • thank you, I am actually considering to start running in the mornings, i feel so much better now without the smokes and i think some more exercise keeps the mind off the cigarettes too.
      Thank you for you encouraging words

  5. 18 days here ,,, in gym everyday ,,,smoked 40 years

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