you know how i can sleep through everything

by everything i mean, everything
(i could make a long list with weird stuff that I’ve slept through*)
but now i’ve found my kryptonite…
Cracked out birds in Shepherd’s Bush singing their lungs out at 2.30 in the morning, and when I say singing, I mean these bad asses are loud.
The birds in the west are gangstas, they don’t take shit,
they would steal your granny’s purse, take your daughter out and not return her safe at 9pm after the movie like he promised and they do rap battles,
in the middle of the night,
on a week day,
outside my window.

Maybe I am getting old, my back in my days they were in bed (in their nests) at night and slept like normal people.
Only Owls should be awake at night, thats why mice are scared of owls and not pigeons.

I blame the global warming, and the crack in SheBu

*if you want me to write that list, just let me know, i am wide awake and have nothing better to do….
If i had rotten tomatoes i would throw it out my window…


2 responses to “you know how i can sleep through everything

  1. Haha!! Yes, please! Give us the list!

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