still not smoking

Been over 7 weeks since I quit… I am not writing about it so much because it FEELS SO GOOD!!
It is so much easier than I thought – because I really wanted to quit I don’t think there is a point trying unless you’ve really decided that you want to.
I’m doing great and don’t even really miss it.
Thoughts on that?


10 responses to “still not smoking

  1. Yaay! Heja dig! Så väldigt bra jobbat.

  2. Oh vad du är duktig…..
    Nu är det 5 MÅNADER sen jag slutade.
    OJ vad vi ska fira när vi träffas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Så jävla bra!!! KRAM

  4. Congrats!

    Do you have some secret ‘recipe’?

  5. 🙂
    But for how long time you smoked?

  6. Than you were really motivated.

    Good for you! 🙂

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