Monthly Archives: February 2012

live done and my Danish is getting better

14 hours at work today…
Got gott och blandat
So tired so I am typing this with only one eye open – pirate style (if a pirate would ever blog nonsense from a blackberry)


together we will beat cancer

And I will need your help
I will get back with more info soon on how

being romantic with myself

With strawberries, camenbert and home made chai I am gonna cuddle up in my bed and watch a movie, have a great Monday night

i got brown hair now, brown hair is cool

and good monday to you all, i managed to spill my lunch on every single item in my bag this morning
i suppose that’s the outcome of dancing to Kate Bush on the way to work

gumbo in the park while 22 men are kicking a ball

Lying on a blanket and listening to Mozart.
To the right of me there is a football game going on, behind me different speakers are fighting about the audience, loudest man wins.
In front of me a daddy plays fetch with his 2 sons, next to me is a hippie.
I am eating cold gumbo while letting my toes flirt with the grass…

practising my karate moves

going for breakfast in Hyde Park

Got my coffee